How Long Should Your Tech Last?

Technology becomes obsolete. It’s a known fact. It’s one of the quickest inanimate objects that go obsolete the fastest. With constant updates, product announcements, and incremental advancements persistently causing this push for obsolescence, we as consumers get stuck in wondering just how long should tech last?


Currently, companies that design smartphones, tablets, computers, and other category of technology shoot for a common two year upgrade cycle. That is, after a device is announced, the next version of that said device will become the successor within two years. Wither the predecessor is obsolete at that point is up for interpretation, but generally speaking the cycle is at max two years. However, successor to the previous device is announced, consumers don’t have to update to the latest version. Some could argue that certain companies schedule planned obsolescence, but for the most part, this is not the case.


When should you replace your tech?

Generally, tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple provide consumers with at minimum a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Each respectfully define what their manufacturer’s warranty covers. In fact, companies are required by federal law to provide warranties be available for consumers to read before a product is purchased even when shopping by catalog or on the Internet. Coverage varies, so you can compare the extent of warranty coverage just as you compare the style, price, and other characteristics of products. With that being said, for me at least, just before my one year manufacturers warranty is up, I start to take a closer look at how the device is performing. Especially throughout the time after the manufacturer’s warranty. I apply this rule to all pieces of technology. If a piece of technology and the experience that I have with it diminished immensely after the one-year warranty, I chalk the device up as horrible made and I’ll probably never buy it or anything from that manufacture again.

So what’s the bottom line?

In my opinion, technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computers should last no less than two years. As long as you are taking care of it, using it as it was designed to be used, and continue with the upkeep; you could have your piece of technology last you at least 2–8 years. Of course this could vary for each device, especially refrigerators, garbage disposals and larger pieces of technology.

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