Google Pixelbook is for everyone

It’s been 7 years since Chromebooks were first announced. I’ve seen Chrome OS grow first hand to what it is today, and I can see where it is going. Many others will say, “Pixelbook is great, but it isn’t for everyone,” however, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. The Google Pixelbook is for everyone.


The Beginning

In 2013, I worked for a third-party marketing company that required me to represent Chromebooks. At the time, I had no clue what a “Chromebook” was. My initial reaction was similar to many at the time: “You mean the browser ‘Chrome?’” This was the beginning of cloud computing in the public. Many were still buying Microsoft Office—no, not Office 365. Millions of people were downloading, listening, and purchasing songs on iTunes—not Apple Music. I think you get the gist. It was a completely different time compared to today.

2013-10-13It was a completely different time compared to today.

At the time there were maybe three Chromebooks available to purchase in stores from Samsung, Acer, and Asus. Chromebooks were usually found deserted and unintended throughout many stores. Customers had no idea what Chromebooks were, why they existed, and why they would ever need one. Not many understood them. The idea of having a computer that wasn’t capable of installing additional software used the web for everything and didn’t have popular programs like iTunes, Office, and Skype was insane.

Fast forward to today and a lot has changed. Though I’m am no longer employed to represent Chromebooks, Google’s laptop platform has grown up and so has the world around them. Skype, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Office are all available on Chromebooks via the web or the Google Play Store. And Adobe even is currently developing a premium video editing experience code-named “Project Rush” that would work flawlessly on high-end Chromebooks.

Pixelbook is for everyone


The addition of the Play Store opened the floodgates of possibilities for the Chromebook. More specifically, the Pixelbook, which has internals similar to the likes of a MacBook Pro or Surface Pro, makes for a very enticing device for many people! Though the starting price of the Pixelbook is north of $999, recent sales have brought the price down to $750. Practically a steal, in my opinion, for what you get. Many want a laptop that operates quickly and securely without any headaches. The Pixelbook does just that and more.

The Pixelbook looks and feels astonishing


From its noticeably lightweight and sturdy form factor along with its excellent keyboard, the Pixelbook looks astonishing—it feels like a device that will last. And that’s just the hardware. Chrome OS is arguably the fastest, most secure, and the most stable operating system there is with more and more features to come.

…for writing, browsing the internet, emailing, photo editing, and even software development.

Pixelbook-ProgrammingGoogle has not only proven that Chromebooks are useful but that the Pixelbook, powered by Chrome OS, is the laptop to buy. It’s ready for the future and it’s ready now for many to use in their everyday lives. I know this because it’s been my primary device for writing, browsing the internet, emailing, photo editing, and web development. I’m not alone in this praise, and I’m confident everyone would enjoy the Pixelbook as well.

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