How To Take Care of Your Digital Self

“Be careful with who you surround yourself” also applies digitally to whom you follow or view on Twitter, Facebook, IG, or YouTube. 2018 is ending, and 2019 is just around the corner. This year, I did something very challenging and different. I challenged myself to a “30-Day Social Media Detox”. As I said, it was […]

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The 2018 Apple Lineup

The iPhone XS and XS Max  …called Max because its bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus The iPhone X is available in only silver or space grey, whereas the iPhone XS and XS Max will be adding gold into the mix.

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Apple’s update, “iOS 12”?

On Monday, September 17th, Apple released its newest update, iOS 12, for download. I know some folks with older model phones are hesitant to download the new updates because it has caused some performance issues in the past. Others just don’t feel like downloading them for whatever reason. But, most people wonder what’s different about […]

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The shelf life of Tech?

Technology becomes obsolete. It’s a known fact. It’s one of the quickest inanimate objects that go obsolete the fastest. With constant updates, product announcements, and incremental advancements persistently causing this push for obsolescence, we as consumers get stuck in wondering just how long should tech last?”

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